Deere’s Big Green Profit Machine- Article

In the most recent issue of Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine (July 5th, 2012), a Brazilian farmer of Japanese descent tours his 212,000 acre family farm and boasts about the quality and reliability of more than 160 tractors, 33 cotton-pickers and dozens of sprayers and planters his farm utilizes daily. The farmer is talking about Deere & Co. (John Deere) farm equipment. The farmer is an example of an upward trend in large scale agro-businesses well positioned to take advantage of the required 60% food production increase in order to feed the projected global population estimate of 9 billion by 2050.

The article acts as an excellent information piece and also reveals interesting facts such as:

• Deere & Co. was founded in 1837.

• Deere & Co. has 61,300 employees.

• Bill Gate’s personal money management firm, Cascade Investment is the largest single shareholder owning a 6.2% stake.

• The company enjoys a dominate 60% market share in the $23 billion dollar U.S.-Canada market for farm equipment.

• Their 8R tractor line can weigh more than 30,000 pounds.

• 8R tractors are highly customizable: from March 2011 to March 2012, customers ordered 7,800 different configurations.

To read the full article in Businessweek Magazine please click on the link below:

Businessweek- Deere’s Big Green Profit Machine

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