The Coleford Difference


1. Experience

In investment management, there is no substitute for experience. Coleford distinguishes itself not just on the basis of our firm’s 25-year track record – but on the fact that each of our portfolio managers has significant personal capital markets’ experience. The result is a conservative, insightful and disciplined approach to building your wealth.

2. Teamwork & Independence

At Coleford, investments are made by our dedicated team of portfolio managers using a proven framework for decision making. This approach ensures both qualitative and quantitative data are thoroughly researched and considered from all angles before an investment thesis is turned into reality. What’s more, Coleford is owned by the very portfolio managers who serve you, and they are compensated on the basis of the value of your portfolio, meaning our investment decisions serve only your best interests.

3. Bias

We believe that ownership of high-quality companies and fixed income investments is the only way to preserve and enhance wealth across all market cycles. While our philosophy alone is not unique, our process to determine quality is and has been proven by over 25 years of active and successful portfolio management.

4. Results

Our clients have realized significant value from our investment management services and have rewarded us with long-term mandates. In fact, we are regularly chosen by second and third generation client families to preserve and enhance their wealth.