Investment Philosophy

We are long-term investors (average holding period 5-7 years) who manage a concentrated portfolio of high-quality North American and globally focused international stocks and highly rated Canadian bonds to deliver tax efficient, absolute returns to our clients, while preserving invested capital.

The Coleford process emphasizes intense and perpetual scrutiny of each individual security combined with industry and macro analyses to determine fundamental investment value, relative level of safety and potential for profitability and growth.

Management capability and return on shareholders’ equity are key considerations but the most important determinant is balance sheet strength. Our greater than normal focus on the balance sheet reflects our mandate to preserve capital by investing in companies that have the resources to profit in good times and bad.

Overall, we seek to uncover good businesses, run by capable management teams whose shares are selling at a discounted price.

Coleford Investment Process

Investing in a concentrated portfolio of high-quality North American and International stocks with a global focus.